Ghost Town

Ghost Town 1

Ghost Town 2

Ghost Town 3

Ghost Town 4

Ghost Town 5

Ghost Town 6

Ghost Town 7

Ghost Town 8

Ghost Town 9

Ghost Town 10

Ghost Town 11

Ghost Town 12

Ghost Town 13

This series of images depicts an exploration of the fictional town of “Cawlton”, which was inspired by the real life town of Port Talbot in South Wales and the Port Talbot steelworks found there. The work revolves around themes of dependency, community, and a de-industrialising western world, and aimed to explore the potential repercussions of the steelworks closing down. The name of the project was derived from a quote from Tony Taylor, a Port Talbot local councillor and an ex-blast furnace worker, who stated, “If the worst happens to this plant it will blow a cold wind through the town that no-one has ever experienced. It will be a ghost town.”
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Original Unedited Paintings

Unedited 1

Unedited 2

Unedited 3

Unedited 4

Unedited 5

Unedited 6

Unedited 7

Unedited 8

Unedited 9

Unedited 10

Unedited 11

Unedited 12

Unedited 13

Gouache and Watercolour 179 x 254mm